It is important to us that you and our Highland Lynx kittens be a purrrrfect match for each other. In order to help both you and us Highland lynx kitten for saledetermine that a Highland Lynx adoption is exactly the right thing for all involved we have provided a short set of questions.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer these questions in as much detail as you are willing…….please contact us with the answers or call 910-381-7555 to discuss your answers and be put on our waiting list for a kitten.


1. Do you have any other pets? (Have you had cats before?)
2. Do you have plenty of space for a cat to exercise (rent or own?)
3. How much time would your kitty spend outdoors?
4. Are you willing to feed the same healthy foods we recommend?
5. What is the average length of time the kitten would be alone each day?
6. Does anyone smoke inside your home?
7. Would you contact us first if you ever needed to re-home your cat for any reason?
8. Are you interested in breeding these cats?
9. How old do you think a kitten should be before it is declawed? 
10. What would happen to your kitten/cat if something happened to you or if you go on vacation?
11. If you have a partner how does he/she feel about cats?
12. Does the idea of trimming nails and cleaning ears bother you?
13. Would you be willing to provide character references if we asked?
Highland Lynx kittens for sale