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Here are some more of our gorgeous Highland Lynx and Desert Lynx kittens from past litters…… (Click picture to enlarge).  

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Deciding to ad a Highland Lynx, Highlander kitten or a Desert Lynx to your family, is one of the best choices you may ever make, according to our past buyers. And we do our very best to be certain you are adopting a healthy, gorgeous, loving kitten. $200 deposit required on all kittens!!! Below is   Read More …

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Sher Bobs Exotic Cats lovingly raises cats from the Desert Lynx Breeding Group. This means Highland Lynx (curled ears), Desert Lynx (straight ears), Mohave Bobs (curly coat) and Alpine Lynx cats (white) as listed in the Rare & Exotic Feline Registry. These 4 types of cats may be bred together as they are identical in body   Read More …

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What wonderful spots and stripes on our exotic kittens now gone to their forever homes! (Click pictures to enlarge them).   

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Wonderful Highland Lynx kittens and cats of the past in pictures we have taken or that our buyers have sent to us. We love this breed so much!

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Some favorite pictures of our Desert Lynx and Highland Lynx kittens that our friends and past buyers have sent to us…..

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